Thursday, May 31, 2007

Destroy the Mullah Regime

Why this isn't reason for us to level every mullah-related structure in Iran is beyond me:

U.S. reconnaissance spacecraft have spotted a training center in Iran that duplicates the layout of the governor’s compound in Karbala, Iraq, that was attacked in January by a special unit that killed American and Iraqi solders. The U.S. believes the discovery indicates that Iran was heavily involved in the strike, which used a fake motorcade to gain entrance to the compound. The duplicate layout in Iran allowed the attackers to practice the exact procedures they would use at the real compound, the Defense Department believes.

Seriously, we are well beyond the point of needing reasons to destroy the mullah regime. And well beyond the possibility of persuading our Left that Iran is capable of any act of war against us.

We can't afford to wait and just hope that Iran will be a nice member of the international community.