Thursday, August 31, 2006


We divide up military responsibility for the globe with unified commands who plan for action in their area, build relations, and wage the fight if one comes in their region.

We are considering making Africa the responsiblity of its own unified command. Should we?

As we increase our relations with African states and possibly set up warm bases in the other Gulf to watch the region, this might be a good idea.

Right now, forces come largely under the command of European Command, as I mentioned in this article in Military Review regarding how we should configure the Army there.

Still, some regions of Africa should probably remain under CENTCOM or EUCOM responsibility. Keep the Horn, Sudan, and Egypt in CENTCOM. And keep Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco under EUCOM. And Madagascar for PACOM.

But given that it makes sense to keep some of Africa in other commands, maybe SOUTHCOM should just absorb the central and southern Africa region instead of adding another unified command. That makes more sense to me than a new command as my initial impression.