Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tainting Dissidents

Our Left always says that we should never ever support dissidents in foreign countries out of fear that we will taint them with our support. And then the people of that country will just rally around the government in reaction to our support of dissidents.

So why didn't Cindy Sheehan and Harry Belefonte clue in Hugo Chavez on this fact before he said this?

President Hugo Chavez dismissed U.S. concerns over democracy in Venezuela, saying President Bush is "demolishing" his own country's democracy by spying on fellow Americans and violating the rights of immigrants in the war on terror.

Speaking a day after Bush said he was "concerned about the erosion of "democracy" in Venezuela and Bolivia, Chavez also accused Bush on Tuesday of posing a threat to world peace.

"Democracy and the fundamental principles of that country, which were held up by Abraham Lincoln among others, are being demolished," said Chavez, citing a domestic spying program that many Americans have criticized as a violation of civil liberties.

"We'll have to tell the U.S. president that we are very worried because his imperialist, war-mongering government is dangerously eroding the possibility of peace and life on this planet," he added.

Wow! What a faux pas! Even using the terms of our own loyal opposition! Tainted, tainted, tainted!

I guess Jesse Jackson will be rallying to President Bush's side after this blatant interference in our internal affairs by Senor Hugo.

I mean, that's the rule right?