Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Soup Nazis

Some French are making a small show of defiance against the "aliens" in their society--the Jews and Moslems (via Winds of Change):

More than 200 political demonstrators defied a police ban here on Thursday, scurrying across Boulevard St.-Germain and under the sycamore trees of Place Maubert to engage in their forbidden action: eating "pig soup" in public.

With steaming bowls of the fragrant broth soon passing through the crowd, Odile Bonnivard, a short-haired secretary turned far-right firebrand, climbed atop a dark sedan with a megaphone in hand and led the crowd in a raucous chant: "We are all pig eaters! We are all pig eaters!"

Identity soup, as the broth has come to be called, is one of the stranger manifestations of a growing grass-roots backlash against the multiculturalism that has spread through Europe over the past 20 years. People are increasingly challenging the care taken in Nazi-chastened Europe, and in France in particular, to avoid the sort of racial or religious insults that led to widespread protests in the Muslim world this month after wide publication of cartoons considered offensive to the Prophet Muhammad.

Really, this is just a small sign that the Europeans are capable of rousing themselves to stomp their enemies and accept the man (or committee) on horseback to save themselves.

It is starting with soup. It will end with mass expulsions and bloodshed. The radical jihadi Moslems in Europe think they are picking on wimps. If the Moslem community doesn't get these loudmouths under control, they will find out that Europe has not forgotten their Crusader past and their very real natural genius for war and brutality.

And hey, if I didn't use this title someone else would have.