Thursday, March 09, 2006

Don't Go There

I may disagree with Derbyshire on assessing the Iraq War but I agree with his article saying the argument that you can't judge Iraq without being there is just silly.

This is way too close to the ridiculous "chicken-hawk" charge the Left tossed about. And it stinks of the ethnic studies arguments that you can't study women, or any racial or ethnic minority without being a member of that group (and one in good standing with the ideological minders for that group).

After all, if troops have the best view since they are there, don't reporters who seem to screw up so much have a similar authority?

On-the-scene views are important, but they do not give those people in uniform (or anybody else who goes there) a monopoly on ground truth. Just because the troops are more supportive of the war than most people, reporters, or college professors is no reason to grasp a thoroughly horrible view about who has the right to judge. Don't go there, people. Don't go there.