Thursday, March 16, 2006

Do Not Become Confused

The war in Iraq has not lessened the President's determination to protect us from other threats.

Our revised national security strategy just released still envisions pre-emptive action to prevent nuclear threats from developing. And Iran is still on our radar screens:

When the consequences of an attack with weapons of mass destruction are potentially so devastating, we cannot afford to stand idly by as grave dangers materialize. ... The place of pre-emption in our national security strategy remains the same," Bush wrote.

The report had harsh words for Iran. It accused the regime of supporting terrorists, threatening Israel and disrupting democratic reform in Iraq. Bush said diplomacy to halt Tehran's suspected nuclear weapons work must prevail to avert a conflict.

"This diplomatic effort must succeed if confrontation is to be avoided," Bush said.

One, Iran is determined to have nuclear weapons so diplomatic efforts will fail if their goal is to convince Iran to abandon the goal of nuclear weapons. My hopes for diplomacy involve gathering allies to forcefully stop Iran.

Two, this President has not forgotten that his duty is to protect us. Considerations of his popularity and the make-up of Congress will not prevent him from doing his duty.

And three, the case for war is being made. Terrorism, waging war against us in Iraq, threatening the use of nuclear weapons, and general oppression.

Add them up and we will take action rather than rely on the good will of the mullahs for our protection.

Do not become confused. We are at war. Our enemies know it. And our President knows it, too. Do the math.

We've had years to figure out how to address the Iran problem. I assume we have not wasted that time. I assume that we are quiet to avoid telegraphing our punch.

The only question is what action we will take. And when, of course.