Friday, March 24, 2006


I like to avoid swearing on this blog and I think I am 99.98% pure on this except for some mild forms.

But when I read that the Russians gave Saddam our war plans and force dispositions on the eve of the Iraq War, I can only respond with hoping that when those motherfuckers in Moscow find their nuts in a vice when the Chinese finally dismember that alcohol-addled Third World-state-with-nukes that we let them just die. I wouldn't risk the life of one West Virginian grenadier to save that damn country.

They want to be our enemy to remind them of their glory days, do they? Lots of luck, Ivan, with your new friends in Iran and China when they decide they have no more use for you. Enjoy your future with nothing east of the Ural Mountains and nothing south of the Don River.

Die. With festering boils, die. I am so furious at those bastards helped our enemy that I can hardly write straight.

UPDATE: Oh, and explain to me again why we should expect the Russians will help us out with Iran? Putin would never dream of screwing us over, now would he?

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Weekly standard blog has a more thoughtful post on how Putin's Russia has acted like an enemy-wannabe:

Ronald Reagan’s famous aphorism about dealing with the Soviets was “Trust but Verify.” Perhaps it needs updating.

“Don’t Trust.”

I don't trust Putin one bit. Not one damn bit. I admire the Russian people in many ways. But the people in charge of the Russians are leading them to ruin in a misguided effort to regain their glory days of the Soviet Union. Until Putin's generation has passed from the scene I wouldn't give that regime the time of day.