Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This Man is Dangerous!

Moqtada al Sadr's role in the new Iraqi government is disturbing:

Sadr not only controls the largest bloc within the Shiite alliance; he is also the head of a paramilitary organization, the Mahdi army. In this respect, his position is identical to that of Hitler, before he came to power. Hitler, on the one hand, had the Nazi party, a tight-knit organization that was happy to use the parliamentary system in order to bring about the destruction of the Weimar Republic, and thus to end the parliamentary system itself. On the other hand, Hitler also commanded his own paramilitary organization, the famous "brown-shirts" of the SA, whose membership, at its height, may have included between three to four million young German toughs, whose usefulness to the success of the Nazi Party Hitler himself repeatedly stressed. They were invaluable in their ability to intimidate and threaten anyone who seriously opposed the Nazi party.

I've asked again and again and again and again and again why is this dangerous two-time insurrectionist still alive? He is our enemy and he will be a thorn in our side until he is dead. He threatens all we have accomplished and hope to accomplish in Iraq. And he complicates any action against Iran.

My only hope is that we are watching him and his people and will finally sweep him up on the eve of our move against Iran's mullah regime.

If we don't get him first, Sadr and his "green shirts" will strike a blow against us again.