Sunday, March 20, 2005

Why it Feels Like Winning

I noted that it just feels like we are winning in Iraq so I've felt little need to blog about it in the last few weeks.

Via Instapundit, this article was noted by Belgravia Dispatch (and shockingly, the NYT buried it):

The top Marine officer in Iraq said Friday that the number of attacks against American troops in Sunni-dominated western Iraq and death tolls had dropped sharply over the last four months, a development that he called evidence that the insurgency was weakening in one of the most violent areas of the country.

Crushing Fallujah, training Iraqi security forces, and elections for a free Iraqi government have combined to drain the swamp a bit more. Even Zarqawi seems dispirited.

There could be a last-ditch attempt to mass forces for an insurgent attack to reverse their defeat, but the signs look very good of late. It is too soon to do the dance of joy for final victory but it may be that people will have to reassess this last year that was reported as American defeat after defeat. Did our defeats lead to our victory?

Too many soldiers and Marines have died to feel real joy in any case. While it is true that the toll has been light by history's bloody standards, those who have died are our countrymen (and women) and I cannot possibly offer meaningful thanks right now. The pain is still too close.

But one day, as we now look at past battles and victories, we will thank them and their families will finally draw strength and comfort from knowing that their loved ones did a great thing and defended our nation in an hour of need.

What our military has achieved since September 11th is breathtaking. They will be our greatest generation.