Saturday, March 19, 2005

Well They Can Just Bite Me

How is it possible for tens of thousands to march in the belief that overthrowing a madman like Saddam Hussein, freeing 25 million people by ending his bloody rule, and ending his clear desire for nuclear weapons were wrong?

I have such utter contempt for so-called "peace" protesters.

Two years ago we began the liberation of Iraq. By God, it was done in my name. And I'm glad that those I hold in such poor regard continue to oppose the good that we did.

Screw them all. May they experience the joy of living under one such as Saddam.

Maybe that would provide justice all around. Set up Saddam and his bully boys in some empty quarter of the planet and ship off the protesters who cry for the Baathists there to be his subjects. We will promise that we will never intervene to protect his new subjects from his depradations.

My that would be justice, wouldn't it?