Monday, March 28, 2005

This Violates Article 147

Axis of El Vil number two man, Hugo Chavez, will not tolerate any criticism by the media in his rapidly deteriorating country. The media has a lot to write about given Chavez's misrule and thuggery:

The former coup-plotting colonel is well on his way to destroying what was once the most stable and prosperous democracy in Latin America.
Chavez could have just been an annoying little despot that attracted Hollywood swooners, but instead he is becoming a serious threat to the region and our interests.

We will have to deal with him sooner or later. I hope we can strengthen the local opposition to take down that vile man, but one way or the other, Chabvez has to go down. The only question is whether we will need to take action. Will Chavez force our hand?

But I'm biased. Hell, I'm probably violating Article 147. Normally I wouldn't worry, but with our Supreme Court looking to other countries for precedent, perhaps I'm being naive.