Monday, March 14, 2005

Hugo Chavez Seeks Promotion

Chavez is apparently tired of his number two slot in the number two league of villains that I call the Axis of El Vil (Cuba is the head and Haiti's Aristide is the junior, semi-retired member) and is strutting his stuff to get noticed by the major league Axis of Evil thug state Iran. He is bucking for promotion by backing Iran's nuclear ambtions:

Chavez, whose country is a leading U.S. oil supplier, announced his stance after meeting Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, who declared that both governments will stand "firm against any aggression."

"Iran has every right, like many other countries have done, to develop its atomic energy and continue its research in this field," Chavez said after top officials from both countries signed 20 cooperation agreements in areas from petrochemical projects to agriculture.

"Venezuela and Iran agree in firmly rejecting the imperialist policy of the United States."

Can't we please plot against Chavez? What's the point of being an all-knowing, string-pulling hyperpower if an annoying tinpot thug like Chavez can talk and act like this?

I mean, imperialist policies aren't what they're cracked up to be if this doesn't resolve in our favor.