Sunday, March 20, 2005

Chavez's Fedayeen

Yes indeed, not content to be the number two in the more-pathetic-than-dangerous Axis of El Vil, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is seeking to fill that number three slot in the Axis of Evil. He is setting up paramilitaries, surely in a sign that his boasts about his military defeating America should we attack are obviously hollow:

Chanting "fatherland or death," dozens of President Hugo Chavez's supporters lined up in formation, vowing to defend the country if the United States tries to invade. Led by an army reservist, the volunteers in black caps said their numbers would swell in the coming months.

And of course, since an invasion by the US is unlikely (unless he starts a serious campaign to become truly evil and dangerous), these thugs will most likely be used to intimidate his opposition.

Oil. Sham elections. Ties to China and Castro. Paramilitaries vowing death. Admired by Jimmy Carter and Global Exchange. Yep, serious Axis of Evil wannabe attributes. Syria is surely breathing a little sigh of relief that others are in a healthy competition for the Axis of Evil.

Chavez will one day be a serious problem for us.