Thursday, March 31, 2005

Building an Alliance

China's rise could be good or bad. I tend to the bad side but the future is not carved in stone. But just in case I'm pretty pleased with recent news such as the warming relationship with Vietnam.

I'm extremely pleased that we are going to assist India in becoming a stronger military power. India is a natural ally that brings a billion people in a democracy to our side. They will be a power to be reckoned with along China's oil supply line to the Middle East and opposite Tibet and in supporting range of our forces in the Stans opposite Chinese colonies in the far west of China where ethnic minorities are under the domination of Han settlers from the east.

And with Japan moving closer to America and stepping up militarily as a resource on the other side of China, we have another anchor in an alliance to confront a potentially hostile and aggressive China. We support Japan's desire for a permanent Security Council seat and China is foolishly prepared to oppose this goal, bolstered by a state-organized grass roots campaign.

With India moving closer to the US and India also angling for a permanent seat, I bet we will see a Chinese effort to oppose that change, too.

Those sophisticated Chinese are doing a good job of driving two major powers into an alliance with us and against China. Can I get a "heh" from the audience?

UPDATE: The Chinese are not exactly leaping to support India's bid for a permanent Security Council seat:

We would like to see India play a bigger role at the UN as well as the Security Council," said China's envoy to New Delhi, Sun Yuxi, on Friday.

But Sun stopped short of expressing any direct support for India's candidature for a permanent UN Security Council seat.

Those crafty and patient Chinese! You can certainly see the fruits of an ancient civilization. We offer a strategic alliance and the Chinese stand in the way of Indian ambitions. Now that's wisdom beyond my comprehension!