Thursday, May 30, 2019

He Chose Poorly

Did Erdogan really believe Assad, Russia, and Iran were his new best friends?

In the northwest (Idlib province) Russian and Syrian warplanes continuing attacking Islamic terrorist targets. Turkey objects because these airstrikes violate the ceasefire agreement worked out between Turkey, Russia, Syria and the remaining Islamic terrorists in Idlib. Syria and Russia point out that the Islamic terrorists violate the agreement by attacking Syrian and Russian forces.

It is likely that Turkey will lose this fight as Turkey has few reliable allies here and there is more support for shutting down Idlib as the last stronghold of Islamic terrorist rebels.

It is difficult to recall as Assad regains Idlib that when the civil war erupted the Turks issued an ultimatum to Assad to stop shooting at his people. That didn't happen.

But Erdogan chose Russia and Iran to be his friends rather than their NATO ally America.

How's that working out?