Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Fascinating Contrast

So the Iranians won't talk to Trump the way they did to Obama? Fascinating.


Some Iranians expect [American] pressure to lead to negotiations, as when former President Barack Obama tightened sanctions that crippled the Iranian economy and led to the 2015 deal.

But others believe their leaders will never go back down that road following Trump's reimposition of sanctions.

So Obama imposed sanctions yet the mullahs talked. But Trump imposing sanctions could mean the mullahs won't talk?

What does that tell you about the mullah beliefs about who they might talk to?

I'd say the mullahs were sure that any toughness Obama displayed was mere box checking on the way to caving in to Iran for the sake of a lousy nuclear deal that only people who "literally know nothing" could support.

Trump is trying to win. Unfortunately there are those here whose firm belief that Orange Man Bad leads them to side with the mullahs despite their atrocious human rights record in all things big and small.