Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Dynasties Fall

This article argues that both the Clinton and Bush family dynasties are falling. Good.

Mind you, I liked both Bush presidents (on foreign policy, anyway, which stifled my concerns about domestic policies) and thought little of the only Clinton president and even less of the woman who would be the second.

But it is not healthy to have family dynasties running our country. Even if I think Jeb Bush would be a decent president, I could only support him if he is the actual Republican nominee to run against whatever unacceptable candidate the Democrats put up.

And that's my standard for Trump.

You might think that the Clintons are owed another presidency to match the Bush family and be called a dynasty.

But if Hillary wins, do you doubt that Chelsea would be groomed for the presidency?

Did you see her royal wedding?

No. I would have both dynasties fail. With my thanks to the Bushes and my good riddance to the Clintons.

We have a republic, after all. If we can keep it.