Sunday, February 07, 2016

Clausewitz Weeps

I guess the Obama administration really does believe that only global warming is an existential threat to America.

Lord, give me strength, but this is what it has come to:

If you wondered why our air campaign against ISIS was inept, consider the statement by Mike Morell, speaking on the “Charlie Rose” program Tuesday night that we didn’t take out the oil facilities that ISIS was using to become the best financed terrorist organization in history because of our concern the environment would be harmed.

Well, we refrain from bombing the wells partly out of environmental concern according to the source. We also don't want to destroy the oil infrastructure, apparently to preserve them for the post-ISIL owners.

Which is fascinating itself. If a Republican administration had made that claim, the Left would be going nuts by alleging it is all a--wait for it!!--war for oil. The chants write themselves, eh?

This is no way to run a war. How many innocent people have died already because we refused to take out those oil resources and ISIL has had the time and money to spread out and commit terror attacks?

And if concern for the environment is really the issue, why not do what wealthy liberals do? They just live their epic carbon-spewing lives while spouting the proper green nonsense and by buying carbon credits to offset their lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Hey, let's plant some trees every time we blow up an ISIL (aka ISIS) oil well!

Look, if it was up to me, I'd just wage war to kill enemies, take territory, and win as quickly as possible. But that's me. Lack of nuance; knuckles dragging; yadda, yadda.

If I was an administration official with this kind of twisted view of the world, I'd go the carbon neutral path to destroying ISIL.

I'd say this episode is amateur hour, but this administration has been in office for over 7 years now. This is just how they think. They're not going to get better with more experience.

They tossed out On War and highlighted passages of On Warm, eh?

No wonder our jihadi enemies think God is on their side. Hell, I'm tempted to agree at this point.

UPDATE: The tide of war is rising. Does the president notice?

UPDATE: You want a real threat of rising waters? You got it:

The US Army Corps of Engineers say they have identified "signs of distress" at Mosul dam, indicating that it is at "significantly higher risk of failure" than previously understood.

The internal assessment, made public by Iraqi parliament Monday, concludes that the risk of the dam failing has increased over the past year.

A half million could die depending on the timing. So after our enemies, corruption (lack of rule of law), which led to a poorly built dam, is a big potential killer. Climate change is way down there.