Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do I Really Have to State the Obvious?

The press is saying Hillary had a do-over on her answer to the "do you lie?" question. That's not the question she answered, in a very Clinton-like response.

After being shown the famous video of her recently saying she always tried not to lie (video at the link), behold the Glory of Clintonian parsing!

After Clinton watched the video, moderator Chris Cuomo asked her if she'd like to revise her previous answer.

"I'll just say no," Clinton responded with a smile.

Being a veteran of the Clinton years, let me remind you that Hillary Clinton answered the question "would you like to revise your previous answer?" and not "do you lie?"

So now we know Hillary Clinton doesn't want to revise her previous answer.

No wonder she smiled. She got away with it again.

UPDATE: Apparently Ms. Clinton didn't try hard enough.