Monday, November 09, 2015

Words Accompanied By Actions Matter

I find it amusing that President Bush (43) gets so much heat for his "Axis of Evil" description of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.

Really? This is what the Left has come to? Would not noting their evil make them less evil somehow?

The “axis of evil” line was no more a mistake than it was for Ronald Reagan to speak of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” Doing so didn’t commit the U.S. to a war, as his liberal critics foolishly thought at the time. But it did put the world on notice that the U.S. knew the difference between right and wrong, and that it was no longer afraid to call things by their right names. Doing so helped undermine the Soviet Union just as the Bush speech helped isolate Iraq and Iran.

You know who didn't get in trouble for similarly black-and-white language? President Clinton:

But for all our promise, all our opportunity, people in this room know very well that this is not a time free from peril, especially as a result of reckless acts of outlaw nations and an unholy axis of terrorists, drug traffickers and organized international criminals.

We have to defend our future from these predators of the 21st century. They feed on the free flow of information and technology. They actually take advantage of the freer movement of people, information and ideas.

And they will be all the more lethal if we allow them to build arsenals of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them. We simply cannot allow that to happen.

There is no more clear example of this threat than Saddam Hussein's Iraq. His regime threatens the safety of his people, the stability of his region and the security of all the rest of us.

But this "unholy axis" isn't mocked or even much remembered. Because they were just words that substituted for action to fight and defeat the evil named.

I guess for some, only words matter. Or maybe their enemies list is just different.