Wednesday, November 11, 2015

These People Have Nuclear Weapons

Surely even the Russians can't somehow blame the West for the ISIL bombing of the Russian airliner in Egypt, right?

Sadly, no:

Sputnik got the ball rolling with a piece on November 6 claiming that “British officials have made an unseemly leap to speculate on a terrorist plot in the Russian airliner crash over Sinai last weekend.”

The story concluded: “The confidence by which these assessments of terror methodology are being made raises an even more troubling, darker question: Was it really terrorists, or was it British MI6 agents palming the deed off as terrorists?”

On the same day, the conspiracy website published an article claiming that Russia had captured two “CIA assets who are believed to have masterminded the downing of Flight 9268.”

And then came Dmitry Kiselyov. On his flagship news show Vesti Nedeli on Russian state television, the bombastic pundit suggested on November 8 that it was suspicious that after two years of U.S. air strikes against Islamic State, no American passenger planes have been targeted. And yet a Russian civilian aircraft was downed just 40 days into Russia’s military campaign in Syria.

Are you effing kidding me?

The Russians shouldn't be allowed to have sharp objects, people.