Saturday, November 07, 2015

Whenever "They" Ask for Money, Putin Smiles

While Russia threatens new NATO states from the outside, corruption threatens NATO's eastern border in Romania. Romania needs NATO civilian advisors to clean up corruption as much as Romania needs NATO troops to keep the Russians away.

Let's hope this popular movement can peacefully encourage authorities to develop rule of law in Romania:

In Bucharest’s Universitate Square — where the crowds first gathered 26 years ago to oust the communist dictator Nicolae CeauČ™escu — a banner draped from a wall proclaims: “In 1989 we fought for liberty, today we fight for justice.” ...

[The slogan "corruption kills"] is certainly Andrei’s experience, in the construction industry where he works: “You want a permit, they ask for money. You want to start building something, they ask for money. Whatever it is, they ask for money. It has to change, and I think a lot of people are here for this reason.”

“They” are Romanian politicians and public officials, whose approval rating is the lowest in Europe, at 12.6 percent.

Liberty without rule of law is not really liberty.

Corruption kills rule of law by making the law apply only to the little people. And putting the burden of the failure of law on them, too. Don't think that doesn't undermine national defense.

Right now, Ukraine stands between Russia and Romania. So perhaps corruption seems acceptable. Do those who benefit from corruption assume that Ukrainians will successfully battle corruption in order to keep that buffer?