Monday, November 09, 2015

Vanguard of the Low-Information Viewers

Communists like to believe that they can organize a popular movement against some recognized evil and then ride that anger to power by being the organizing force of that mass movement--whose members likely don't know of the communist influence. It's the whole vanguard of the proletariat notion.

Instapundit notes the communist heritage of the recent protest in which Quentin Tarantino took heat for expressing hatred against cops:

Who is Carl Dix, the protest organizer defending Tarantino and equating the police with the mafia?

Mr. Dix is one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a group that has held anti-police events in October for nearly two decades and that openly advocates for an armed overthrow of the United States of America.

I've noted this before with anti-Iraq War protests and the Occupy Wall Street open-air sewers. The media almost never even mentions this linkage to communists. But if you look at the people quoted in the stories or follow the organizations, you find the radical communist groups behind the scenes.

Do recall that the media is on full "association mode" when they report on Tea Party events. If they can identify even a single person with questionable views, media says that this person taints the entire movement by attracting the person.

Not that I'm saying that the vast bulk of the protesters aren't sincere in disliking whatever bad event has been identified; nor am I saying that they are communists. They'd be "useful idiots" in the communist view.

What you call the media that can't be bothered to fully explain just who is out there leading these protesters rather than identifying "ordinary people" in the march or protest is beyond me. They're useful, no doubt. But they know what they are doing, so can't really be called idiots.