Friday, November 13, 2015

Slaughter in Paris

I've written repeatedly that if we take our God damn time in going after ISIL that the enemy will use that time.

And ISIL used that time to slaughter people in France today.

Now we are all Americans.

My sympathies go out to France. I haven't felt this sick to my stomach since 9/11.

Let's get on with killing jihadis with a little more sense of urgency.

UPDATE: Here's radio coverage and a live blog of news.

UPDATE: Although one attacker apparently claimed these attacks were because France is participating in the campaign against ISIL in Syria, don't be confused. If it's not the campaign, it's the cartoons. There is always something about the West that sets them off.

So don't even think about asking "why do they hate us?" Just ask, "why do they hate?"

And then kill the jihadis wherever we find them.

UPDATE: From the Department of Bad Timing:

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's Good Morning America that was broadcasted Friday, President Obama said ISIS has been "contained."

Yeah. Not so much, it seems.

UPDATE: As we seek to help France respond to this attack, I simply ask that we keep Secretary of State John Kerry as far from this as possible. The last time Paris was attacked, Kerry deployed James Taylor, recall.

I guess that didn't work. Go figure.

UPDATE: While I'd guess ISIL, as of Saturday morning it still isn't clear who did this. It might be al Qaeda trying to claim back their top spot in the hearts if jihadis and their fanboys. Or someone else trying to make a name for themselves. But it is Islamist jihadi in some form or another.

UPDATE: And in light of this murder-spree in the name of Allah, I'll ask again--just what will inspire Europeans to defend their Western culture?

UPDATE: Hmm. President Hollande was at the stadium when jihadis attacked it. Was the first suicide bomber intended to drive him into the second bomber and other attackers? That's the speculation I just heard.