Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There is That Lacuna in the Deal

The nuclear deal with Iran is bad enough on its own merits. And then when you think about how a thinking opponent might get around it, you just have to say, "Well, duh. Why didn't I think of that?"

So where could Iran get nukes even if the deal is rigorously enforced?

The head of the CIA said Tuesday that U.S. intelligence officials are wary that Iran may attempt to violate this summer’s nuclear accord by outsourcing elements of its clandestine nuclear program to another rogue state such as North Korea, or by colluding with Pyongyang toward the secret purchase and transfer of nuclear weapons to Tehran.

Yeah, I've long been worried about that worst case scenario.

I wondered if Iran could go get their nukes to make the scenario real.

And then I wondered if I wasn't really thinking worst case scenario, after all. Is Brennan thinking worst-case scenario?

UPDATE: Somebody else notices Brennan's admission that Iran might go nuke shopping:

Obama administration negotiators forgot something when they gave away the store to Iran. Tehran remains free to outsource its nuclear program to North Korea.

CIA Director John Brennan admits his agency will be watching to see if the terrorist state of Iran confounds the purpose of President Obama's nuclear pact by outsourcing its atomic weapons development to nuclear-armed North Korea, with which it has already collaborated, or cooperates with another power.

Have a super sparkly day.