Friday, October 27, 2006

Axis of El Vil Self Destruction

As long as Hugo Chavez is screwing up and alienating more people than he impresses, we should just ignore him and let him self destruct:

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela loves to position himself as a champion of the oppressed, and enemy of the United States, and anyone who is cozy with the U.S. This annoys a lot of American, but observers inside Venezuela advise that if Chavez is just left alone, he'll pretty much self-destruct. Aside from a general loss of influence abroad due to his antics, he's having internal problems.

In the first half of the year, I wrote pretty much the same thing. Despite this measured advice, I admit I have vented about that charter member of the Axis of El Vil.

Business before pleasure, people. Even though it is tough to ignore the lunatic Hugo, unless he seriously turns himself into an actual threat rather than being a buffoon, we should just keep the JDAMs reserved for others.