Saturday, October 21, 2006

Almost 4th of July?

Instapundit notes the increasingly violent and confrontational actions of France's Moslems around Paris, quoting a New York Times article:

In fact, with the anniversary of those riots approaching, spiking violent crime statistics across the area suggest not only that things have not improved, but that they also may well have worsened. Residents and experts say that fault lines run even deeper than before and that widespread violence may flare up again at any moment.

A year ago, I wondered whether those riots would be noted for the beginnings of separatist thoughts by French Moslems:

In France, did we watch at Clichy-sous-Bois the "cars burned 'round the world," much as our first stand at Lexington Green was the "shot heard round the world?"
The question of whether these Moslems want jobs or hijabs is an open question. For now.

But I suspect that if this issue is still in doubt, it won't be long before lack of jobs aren't a reason for the rioting, but just another item in a long list of ever-changing (and always growing) "grievances" that inspire jihadis around the world to kill infidels.