Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Italian Job?

The Italians are in an anti-European Union mood. Are they about to pull out? Apparently not. But they might:

Yet an Italian euro-exit is hardly off the table either. Beppe Grillo, the 5Stars’ founder, last week revived the idea of forcing a referendum on Italy’s membership in the single currency. It is, after all, in the party’s DNA — and we all know what usually happens when the EU goes on the ballot (see France and Netherlands in 2005, Ireland in 2008, Britain in 2016, pick your year in Denmark).

The faith in the ability of mere European voters to derail the EU proto-imperial project is kind of touching.

And we actually do know what usually happens when the EU goes on the ballot. As France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Denmark show, those nations remain in the EU--even if it required telling the voters to keep voting until they got it right.

And the only reason it is what "usually" happens is that Britain is still unclear. Although every day that passes without Britain just getting the Hell out of that sh*thole continental imperial states in the making is another day for the pro-EU side to reverse the surprise Brexit vote by stoking frustration with the pace and details of the Brexit negotiations.

Mark my words, I think the British effed up by failing to just get out of the EU and dealing with the fallout after. As I've remarked, the Russians must be kicking themselves that they relied on tanks and secret police to futilely hold their Soviet European empire; while the EU wields lawyers and cheese regulations to keep their increasingly imperial rule an "ever closer union."

But sure, maybe the Italians who might blow up the EU from the inside are the only hope Britain has of actually getting out of Europe's smothering embrace.