Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Don't Pretend the Flawed Iran Deal is Good Enough to Keep

The idea that Iranian nutballs would love to end the Iran nuclear deal is not the defense of the deal that some Westerners believe it is.

The fact that Iranian hardliners would use the end of the nuclear deal to sprint ahead for nuclear weapons should show that Iran will pursue nuclear weapons with or without the deal.

Because the Iran nuclear deal doesn't actually stop Iran from going nuclear. The deal simply puts limits on Iran's nuclear program under limited inspections until the deal expires; and in the meantime actually requires the West to help Iran improve their nuclear technology (for "peaceful" purposes that sadly have uses for weapons development).

And the deal actually prevents a Western attack on Iran's growing nuclear infrastructure more effectively than an actual nuclear deterrent.

Indeed, Iran's fomenting of violence from Afghanistan to Morocco and many places in between benefits from the nuclear deal because people seem afraid to stand up to Iran for fear of Iran ditching the deal in retaliation. It is as if Iran already has a nuclear deterrent without the trouble maintaining nukes!

Nor does the poorly crafted (by the idiot Kerry, not by Iran, of course--they did a great job) deal prevent Iran from cheating, or even using North Korea as the subcontractor for nukes.

Or are you arguing that Iranian hardliners who would exploit the end of the deal to pursue nukes aren't even as we speak seeking ways to get nukes under the terms of the deal?

Face it, the reason the mullah regime likes the deal as is should tell us that it is good for Iran and not for America or the West.

Kill the deal for good (I don't assume the announcement yesterday is a real stake through the heart) and face the fact that America and the West screwed up massively in 2015 rather than trying to make excuses for why we can put lipstick on that pig and pretend we have a responsible regional partner in the making.

UPDATE: Austin Bay isn't sad to see the deal go.

UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy is happy the deal is dead.

UPDATE: Yeah, good luck with that:

The European Union has rebuked Donald Trump over his move to break the Iran nuclear deal, telling the US president he does not have the power to unilaterally scrap the international agreement.

I would enjoy the discussion here about how the United States Senate had no voice in approving this deal in 2015 while the EU did and retains a veto over withdrawal.