Monday, April 23, 2018

It is a Particular Role That Should Worry Us

Germany's role is to explain away Russian hostility and aggression?

Thanks Germany!

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned against demonising Russia and said Germany had a particular role to play in maintaining dialogue with Moscow, given its history.

Really? Germany has the role from history to maintaining dialogue with Russia?

Surely Steinmeier can't be speaking about two German invasions of Russia in the 20th century, given that Germany now barely spends 1% of its GDP on defense and would have trouble taking Kaliningrad from Russia let alone marching on Moscow.

So Germany has already addressed that history with great enthusiasm.

Germany's history, unfortunately, includes reaching out to the USSR by splitting Poland with them, sparking World War II.

And damn it, energy deals with Russia seem like they are another way to abandon eastern Europeans to the tender mercies of an aggressive Russia.

Whatever particular role Steinmeier has in mind with Putin, let's hope no "pact" is involved to ensure non-aggression.

If we're talking history, here.

What happened to Germany?  They used to have a real military that helped defend themselves and NATO.