Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Fog of Electronic Warfare

I have read that the Russians are good at electronic warfare:

The Compass Call is supposed to be one of America’s foremost electronic warfare weapons, but the EC-130s flying near Syria are being attacked and disabled “in the most aggressive EW environment on the planet,” the head of Special Operations Command said here today.

“Right now in Syria we are operating in the most aggressive EW environment on the planet from our adversaries. They are testing us everyday, knocking our communications down, disabling our EC-130s, etcetera,” Gen. Raymond Thomas told an audience of some 2,000 intelligence professionals.

But I hope that we are talking up Russian capabilities when in fact we are finding we can deal with what Russia is showing us over Syria, but would rather not have them know this.

But I have no way of knowing what is true, I admit.