Saturday, December 02, 2017

Check Their Shoes

Excuse me?

As it happens, the authors [of the Australian government’s foreign-policy white paper] reflect doubts about Washington’s staying power; and it’s true that U.S. credibility and confidence have waned during the past 15 years, especially in the Middle East.

Yes, Australia has basically decided to retain the primacy of America as their ally rather than bowing to China's growing economic role in Australia's economy.

That's good.

But why wring their hands over alleged failings in our "staying power?"

Over the past 15 years--16 actually--the United States invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime and destroy the al Qaeda sanctuary. And we are still there fighting with a promise of not leaving until the conditions justify it.

And after invading Iraq and overthrowing the Saddam regime, we are still there fighting to defend what we gained more than 14 years after the invasion.

We've lost nearly 7,000 troops in those campaigns and spent a lot of money.

And Australians have reason to doubt American staying power why exactly?

There's an Australian saying that you aren't drunk until you throw up on your shoes.

Australia's foreign policy establishment has clearly thrown up on their shoes.