Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Terror Attack in Istanbul

Terrorists struck Turkey, apparently hitting the Istanbul airport's security entrance rather than hitting inside the airport:

One of the bombs was located just outside the terminal on the footpath, another was reportedly found at the security gate at the entrance to the airport.

It's believed no bombs exploded inside the airport.

CNN reports two suicide bombers were also killed.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said one attacker "first opened fire with a Kalashnikov then detonated himself" at entrance to the airport terminal.

It is believed that ISIL is responsible. But all this is early.

Note that apparently the terrorists didn't try to penetrate security to get inside the airport.

As I noted recently about reactions to the Orlando terror attack:

[Having] metal detectors, quick purse and waist-band searches, and more than a single armed guard at the entrance to a club won't stop attacks since the terrorists could simply decide to shoot patrons standing in line on the sidewalk outside waiting to get through the security bottleneck.

It appears that the Istanblu airport attackers simply hit the security bottleneck to get into the secured area.

Ultimately, the jihadi ideology that inspires sick bastards to kill has to be the target of our war on jihadi terrorism.

Or have those damned Christian Republican cake bakers inspired hate a continent away?

And please, Turkey, finally end the legal purchase of explosives to end this threat. Isn't the weapon used to kill the problem according to our Left?

UPDATE: Yes, the attack was at the security perimeter, Director of International Security Studies, Raffaello Pantucci said:

'Last night's attack in Istanbul appears to have taken place near security. It seems the bombers got as far as the security checkpoints and then launched the attack.

'This therefore leaves us questioning whether we need to push security further out. Some places have security even before you get to the airport.

'We need to ask the question whether now is the time to push it out further, some places even check cars when they arrive.

People gather to enter the security perimeter. No matter how far out you push the perimeter, there will be people gathered to pass through.

How far out will the perimeter be pushed? The national border?

Yes, that just leaves everyone inside the perimeter. But what point between where the perimeter is now at the airport and the national border will work to deprive jihadis massed soft targets (that's us, people)?

Better to kill the jihadis, destroy their caliphate, and de-legitimize and de-fund the Islamist ideology that creates killers so often.