Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let's Remember Who the Enemy Really is, Please

The French once famously said, "we are all Americans, now" after the 9/11 attacks. Now, after the Orlando Slaughter, not even Americans are all Americans, now, united against jihadi terror attacks on our soil.

The notion being spread by some of our liberal brethren that opposing multi-gender bathroom use means you encourage the slaughter of gay and lesbian people is disgusting nonsense. Isn't this is an application of "you are either with us or against us" that I thought all nuanced Americans opposed?

(And recall that Bush 43 didn't actually insist that being "with us" in the war against jihadi terrorists meant doing whatever America said they had to do--we accepted whatever allies willingly offered.)

Is it really anti-gay to say that gay men should use the men's restroom and women who are lesbian should use the women's room?

If this opposition to allowing anyone to self-identify their gender and go into any bathroom is anti-gay, shouldn't these opponents actually be insisting that gay men use the women's room?

I'm truly depressed about the state of our country when people here see a jihadi who proclaims his devotion to ISIL (which kills gay people in horrific manners), was a registered Democrat, who yelled his devotion to Allah as he murdered innocents, and who may actually have been gay or bisexual, and yet still say the killer was enabled by conservative Christian opposition to gender-less bathrooms.

Is it any wonder that the jihadis think god is on their side?

Hell, this probably enrages jihadis all the more. What, the jihadis may ask, do they have to do to make Leftists take them seriously as warriors of Allah out to destroy us and create the caliphate?

We'd be better off if we told the jihadis that we are all LGBT, now, and that we are coming to kill the jihadis wherever they skulk and will not tire until they are all in Paradise.

Oh, and the Left's rage at conservatives over Orlando while they ignore the foreign jihadi threat demonstrates something else that the Left has gotten wrong--that attacking a country just unites the target country's people against the attacker. I've noted this is wrong and that factions often exploit foreign help to win their domestic battles.