Saturday, June 18, 2016

Being Killed by Jihadis is Not an Ordinary Risk of Life

I'll buy the notion that victims of jihadi terrorism here at home are insignificant in the big picture when you consider how many American die in auto accidents or bathtub slip and falls when ISIL (or ISIS or just Islamic State as they fancy themselves now) publicly takes credit for pileups on I-75 and Aunt Millie's tragic end on Saturday night, extolling the bravery of the soldiers of the caliphate, Honda Accord and Bathtub Mat, who inflicted the deaths.

Nor am I worried that the Alligator State in the Swamp (ASIS) taking credit for killing a toddler. As horrifying as that Orlando attack is, this will not inspire "lone 'gator" copycat attacks or be used by foreign radical alligators (or their crocodile cousins) as a recruiting tool to continue their war on Americans in Florida.