Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alien Tried to Kill Trump

I'm sure our media will get right on attacking the Democrats for their climate of hate around Donald Trump that led some foreigner whackjob to try to kill Trump:

A 19-year-old British man tried stealing a police officer's gun to kill GOP presidential contender Donald Trump during a weekend rally in Las Vegas, according to a federal complaint filed Monday.

Clearly, the young man was provoked by Trump's assault on the Queen's English, which Trump must immediately stop speaking.

I assume the man must be crazy because I've spent a couple weeks hearing how easy it is to buy a firearm. And instead of buying a fully automatic weapon with a grenade launcher (which isn't far from what some on the anti-2nd Amendment side claim is available here), the man tried to steal a weapon from a police officer.

Will Donald Trump propose a temporary halt in the entry of the British until we can investigate their motives better?

Will Hillary Clinton demand that we disarm police officers to prevent terrorists from stealing police weapons and using them to kill Americans?

UPDATE: And the man is in the country illegally after overstaying his visa.

Oh, and note that this isn't being covered 24/7 by the media. If someone is mildly mean to Hillary! we have to have a week-long national "conversation" on sexism.

By the way, the would-be assassin drove a car from California to do it. It's like you can get a car anywhere in this country without even a background check!