Sunday, February 07, 2016

Compassion Versus Sainted International Community

If the sexual assault epidemic in Europe isn't just coincidentally happening while migrants are flooding Europe, I suggest the Europeans avoid calling for UN peacekeepers to help out:

The UN rights chief Friday expressed alarm at new allegations of child abuse by foreign peacekeepers in the troubled Central African Republic, including cases involving European Union troops.

Reports of sex abuse by soldiers serving with French and UN missions in the country already surfaced last year, but the latest charges detailed in a UN statement are said to date back to 2014 but to have been discovered in the last weeks.

So I'm not saying Moslem migrants are uniquely rapists. I'm saying the migrants uniquely get a pass from feminists and the Left in general if they are rapists.

For European women, the left's advice is to lie back and think of Diversity, eh?

If the migrants are just deemed members of a fraternity, feminists will finally see the crimes against women (and girls).