Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Will the European Union Collapse?

This article quotes European leaders speculating that the European Union is in danger of collapsing:

Have you heard the European Union is on the verge of destruction?

Of course you have. Even passive political observers would have had a hard time avoiding the apocalyptic assessments from European politicians over the past few months. With the migrant crisis flaring, another round of doomsday rhetoric from Brussels to Berlin and beyond is upon us.

Here’s a look at the best, most calamitous, end-of-days proclamations ricocheting across the continent[.]

Of course, many of the Euro-elites are horrified that the EU might be in danger.

I believe I'm on record as expressing a preference for the proto-empire's demise.

Sadly, I was foolish enough to believe that popular voting might actually stop the empire from forming.

Although Perhaps I'm underestimating the EU will to empire. Could the EU exploit the migrant crisis to assume military and police powers to resist the flood?