Monday, November 09, 2015

The Anorexic Red Line

The British army may have the reputation as the "thin red line" that fights and wins outnumbered, but the British army had grown too thin to fight a real enemy let alone win.

The British are becoming just another militarily weak European country:

We find ourselves in this parlous position largely because of the conclusions reached five years ago by the last government’s disastrous Strategic Defence and Security Review. The review was conducted on the naive assumption, presented in the government’s equally egregious National Security Strategy, that we faced no apparent threats to our security or national interests. It allowed the Tory/Lib Dem coalition to make the most drastic cuts to our defence budget for a generation.

Yes, this situation was predictable.

Russian aggressiveness makes the assumption that Britain need face nobody tougher than Luxembourg rather obviously wrong, eh?

Notwithstanding British reliance on France to make up their shortcomings.

I wasn't being cruel when I reported that Britain is building a base in Bahrain. I was just stating the obvious.

UPDATE: If the French are losing their influence within the European Union, how can Britain rely on France in the real world beyond its borders?