Monday, November 09, 2015

Safe Space? Could We Try Sane Space?

So Yale has become just a kindergarten, eh?

No worries, the precious little snowflakes will still collect their diplomas.

One-ply for BA. Two-ply for MA.

Fold into pointy corner for "with honors" notation.

The Yale administration got exactly the best and brightest student body they deserve. Who the ef hired them, indeed? My contempt for both sides in that tantrum knows no bounds.

I'd like to point out that we have young men and women of the same age as those precious snowflakes humping through Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Third World heck holes to provide us with a "safe space" called "America."

UPDATE: It's a good education!

We love those social justice warriors! They're just swell!

How many bad men have to go to the corn field before we all love them?

UPDATE: Remember, this is the face of fascism:

Because sometimes you just have to eliminate undesirables elements in your midst.

UPDATE: HehHuh? Hey!? Hell yeah!

UPDATE: One more:

This shocking video is a glimpse of the future—the boorish, hate-filled Cultural Revolution come to America. Colleges have capitulated completely to delusional victimology; unless employers are willing to stand up against the coddled products of the academic hothouse, we may all soon be living in a world of screaming, monomaniacal victims.

Yeah, give these children power (like some reliable "muscle"), and they'd send that professor to the countryside to learn to be a good Maoist.

This is the video noted above (you could reach it through the first link, but what the heck):

I'm appalled that this is tolerated on campus, with even the progressive victims of the tirades voicing their approval of the abusers.

Who the ef thought she and her finger-snapping chorus are ready for college? The best and brightest, indeed.

Much like some wag said about the Iran-Iraq War, it would be nice if both sides lost in this struggle.

UPDATE: Okay, one more:

We're in for more than a 3-hour tour with these clowns.