Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Organizing for Anarchy

I noted the often-communist organizers of protest movements. There's a new player on the block organizing them.

Smart. These people say never waste a crisis to do what you want to do anyway.

They've taken it one step further to avoid having to wait for the proper crisis and actually create the crisis and the people to demand the things you want to do anyway.

UPDATE: Are the university leaders cowardly caving in to the mob?

Angry mobs have roiled more than three dozen American campuses in recent weeks, disrupting student life with long lists of demands — with no end in sight.

Indeed, it’s sure to keep up as long as cowardly university “leaders” keep kowtowing to the campus fascists.

Or are administrators just using the mob's demands to do what they've wished to do all along?

Either way, by rewarding mob tactics, colleges will get more mobs.

And if the left-wing "leaders" haven't noticed, the even-more-left-wing mobs see the administrators as class enemies, too.