Sunday, November 08, 2015

Enemies Multiply

It's almost as if every enemy we have doesn't want to be the last rogue kid on the block to have their trophy at our expense.

So just where does the buck stop these days?

The picture being painted by Obama’s soon-to-be-former advisors is one of a president paralyzed with indecision. He is being increasingly tested by the world’s bad actors and revisionist powers and has little resolve to act early and decisively. That is an impression that was confirmed by Reuters in October.

Yes. I did note that the "no drama Obama" meme meant to show a president calm in a crisis is actually backwards. Our president's motto is actually "Drama? No Obama."

After years of being told that our president is cool under pressure when responding to crises (no-drama Obama), it increasingly seems as if our president does not wish to grapple with crises.

And our enemies, after watching us attempt to retreat from the world, are following and closing in, ending the faux "war receding" period the Left has claimed we enjoyed as a result.

I noted that problem early, too.

The really dangerous part comes from the likelihood that this administration will resolve on some issue that we really can't retreat further and signal a red line that a foe really can't cross--yet our enemy won't believe we are any more serious about this line than the previous lines.

God help us all.