Sunday, October 04, 2015

Watch Your Six

The Hawaii Air National Guard ordered F-22s to the Middle East. The Russians will be looking for them, I think.

We sent F-22 Raptors to CENTCOM:

A gaggle of F-22A Raptors belonging to the 199th Fighter Squadron, which is part of the 154th Wing of the Hawaiian Air National Guard, deployed to the Middle East yesterday.

I was kind of surprised that the Guard has this scarce 5th generation plane.

But when I thought about it for a second, it makes sense. You want pilots finishing active duty in the Air Force to have a place to go as a reservist, right?

Anyway, when the F-22 pilots are flying over Syria in "'low-probability of intercept' radar mode," let's hope they and mission planners remember there is a reason it isn't called "invisible mode," and that Russians will place a high priority on finding, intercepting, and possibly shooting them down.