Monday, October 12, 2015

Between Optimism and Delusion

I would never argue that Iran doesn't have a lot of tough jobs on their plate. But why assume they must fail in all or most of them, making it unnecessary to work against them? And why actually make it easier for them?

Perhaps we are doing things quietly to undermine Iran and all of our public pronouncements are just attempts to get the Iranians to over-extend their power with a mistaken belief that they are on a roll with Allah filling their sails.

Perhaps this is one of the ways we will undermine Iran.

Might Iran commit to more spending abroad in the belief that money is coming only to find that not nearly as much money is coming when the bills come due?

I have to consider this because the idea that we would make it easier for Iran to go nuclear and afford their foreign adventures seems so self-defeating that it must be impossible for it to be our actual foreign policy.