Saturday, October 03, 2015

Are There Any Women Here?

Well, now we know where the East German women's Olympics team personnel went after the Soviet empire in eastern Europe collapsed:

Iranian soccer fans were left reeling earlier this week after eight members of the women’s national team were found to be men, the Al-Arabiya website reported on Monday.

Mojtabi Sharifi, described as an official connected to the Iranian soccer league, said that the footballers “have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations.”

Sadly, the link is bad so I couldn't check out the actual news story.

But we do have film:

Silly primitives. If only they'd said they self-identified as men, they could have enjoyed the stoning without being repressed by the patriarchy.

But there's no way the Iranians would go to similar lengths on a far less important issue by dressing up their nukes as North Korean missiles to get around deal rules when it comes to the nuclear deal.

IAEA: Are there any nuclear weapons here?

Iran: No, no, no!

Yeah, I'm thinking Iran won't complete that responsible regional partner change operation.

Oh, Jehovah ...