Friday, September 11, 2015

The War is Going to Be Longer at This Rate

Fourteen years ago, monsters in human form attacked us at home and killed nearly 3,000 of us.

Since then, we've battled jihadis with such a cartoon-level of evident evil that if it was a movie you'd complain that our enemies were so depraved and bloodthirsty that it strained credulity.

And today (tip to Instapundit), we have a professor who asks the question "why do they hate us?" and answers that we deserve it:

In [associate English professor Neel] Ahuja’s twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims. “Abu Zubaydah’s torture may be interpreted as simply one more example of the necropower of US imperialism, the power to coerce and kill targeted populations,” Ahuja recently wrote in an academic paper criticizing the war on terror.

He says America’s depiction of the 9/11 terrorists as “monsters” is merely an attempt to “animalize” them as insects and justify “squashing” them in “a fantasy of justice.”

Stop trying to figure out why they hate us as if we did something to deserve to die! What doesn't set them off?

The Left likes to believe that the jihadis should only hate those Red-state knuckle-draggers and not the nuanced Blue-state COEXISTnistas.

But the jihadis hate all of us--even the ultra-wealthy liberals who have bought the acceptance of our Left by putting up money for the Left's pet causes.

God almighty, people, why do we hate us?

When we were attacked, I knew this would be a hard and complicated fight. This Long War is going to be longer--with the outcome in doubt--if our enemies and enough of our side think the jihadis are the good guys.