Saturday, April 04, 2015

Who Has Humanitarian Concerns?

Cue the spit take:

The Russian mission to the United Nations said it had called for the closed-door consultations of the 15-member council to "discuss an issue of humanitarian pause during coalition air strikes in Yemen."

Ah. So Russia's on-again, off-again invasion of Ukraine broken up by fake ceasefires is really driven by "humanitarian pauses?"

Please tell me that Russia with their UN Security Council veto won't hinder reimposing sanctions on Iran if we actually dare to call them on their future violations.


UPDATE: Only vaguely on topic in that it concerns Yemen, but:

Saudi Arabia has asked Pakistan to contribute aircraft, ships and ground troops to its coalition fighting rebels in Yemen, the Pakistani defence minister said Monday.

Pakistan could provide a core of tough, organized ground troops (along with Egypt) that would make a ground option realistic.

However, Saudi Arabia and existing allies hardly need aircraft or ships to take on their Yemen foes even if Iran commits its naval and air power to the fight.

So I imagine the broader call for forces by the Saudis is to avoid making it look like the coalition just wants Pakistani cannon fodder on the ground.