Monday, April 20, 2015

Truly, They Have a Stunning Intellect

Release the PowerPoint!

Our president makes an outreach to the Moslem world. And then stiff-arms Israel. Which brought at least a few smiles of satisfaction in Arab capitals. Then they noticed the Obama policy toward Iran, and those Arab leaders find they share space under the bus with the Jews and worry about our commitment to them, too.

President Obama has a solution to this problem of American diplomacy: we'll lecture the Arabs on how stupid they are not to appreciate the nuance of our policies.

A summit! A summit!!

Last week, President Obama finally set a date — May 13 — for Washington’s Arab allies to gather at an “urgent” summit.

Obama made the invitation to calm Arab fears his administration had decided to let Iran acquire full nuclear capability and pursue hegemonic plans in the Mideast. Those fears were grounded in Obama’s readiness to bend over backward to woo the mullahs.

The Obama administration had best hurry since, woo-woo, we're already half way to that deal with the mullahs.

Israel mistrusts us. Arab states mistrust us. And Iran has contempt for us.

Give the Obama administration 20 more months, and they'll alienate the Kurds, too. 

Yet they persist in calling this "smart" diplomacy.

Actually, we should minimize their contact with our officials. If we talk enough, our Arab "allies" may discover that it isn't them--it's us.