Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Real Nixon Goes to China Moment

If President Obama really has transformed our relations with the world by his mere presence in the Oval Office, the world would trust him--he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his potential to stop nuclear proliferation, after all--that we must launch a military campaign against Iran to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons.

If our president is truly someone that special, the world would believe him that military action really is the last resort and back him for any further actions necessary to stop Iran.

That would be a Nixon goes to China moment.

Remember, that kind of moment defines an action that goes against the president's inclinations and allows people to say "if this man is willing to take this action with that foe, we can trust him that this action is in our interest."

In what alternate world has President Obama earned a reputation as being tough on Iran and determined to oppose them with every waking moment? (I mean, when he isn't on the golf course.)

What we have is our Chamberlain goes to Munich moment.