Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lying With Irrelevant Statistics

One more reason that I don't trust President Obama when he speaks. His claim that drilling for oil is pointless because we have only 2% of the world's oil reserves relies on the irrelevant (for policy purposes) amount of oil in proved reserves.

Add in oil we can get to and we have lots of oil that we could recover.

It's gotten to the point where I question anything the president says. I need someone I trust to verify the statement because he's got no credibility with me.

I say this with no satisfaction. I don't like not trusting my president. But that's how it is working out.

UPDATE: Krauhammer addresses the president's "flimflammery":

Who do they think they’re fooling? An oil crisis looms, prices are spiking — and our president is extolling algae. After Solyndra, Keystone and promises of seaweed in their gas tanks, Americans sense a president so ideologically antipathetic to fossil fuels — which we possess in staggering abundance — that he is utterly unserious about the real world of oil in which the rest of us live.

High gasoline prices are a major political problem for Obama. They are not just a pain at the pump, however. They are a constant reminder of three years of a rigid, fatuous, fantasy-driven energy policy that has rendered us scandalously dependent and excessively vulnerable.

The president got exactly what he wanted to make his precious fantasy fuels competitive with oil and finds that voters don't appreciate his "reasonably enlightened" views on energy use. Are the president's opponents "flat-earthers" for opposing these green energies as President Obama claims? I don't care to get into that. But if President Obama is putting himself in the position of being the bold explorer to reach out to the New World's opportunities, let me just say that Columbus made it to his unexpected future with the old fuels of his time. He never proposed flying to Asia on the backs of magical, pink, unicorns.

UPDATE: Steyn writes that our president is the last man who should sneer at ignorance.